Laurie Clements

Westerville, OH
02/24/2014 - 1:18pm

Laurie Clements has been an artist all her life but only in the last 8 years has she made it a priority in her life after raising her two children with her husband Tom. She grew up in Newark Ohio, graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design, worked in the Admission's office and later became the Director of Admissions. While her children were young, she moved into teaching and taught there for 10 years, an endeavor she loved and thrived in.

Years later, an episode with breast cancer moved her to focus her time and devote herself to her own painting and helping others who had cancer. This became Locks and a Lift, a fund raiser based off of paintings sold to support the needs of other women during their treatment at Grant Hospital. She often states how lucky she has been in life to have had these experiences that have shaped her passion for painting.