Hayley Savage Serves as Juror for May 2012 Show at Mansfield Art Center

The mission of The Mansfield Art Center is to make the visual arts relevant to the lives of all people in north central Ohio.  Hayley Savage was chosen as the Juror for this show, selecting 80 pieces out of a field of 200.  Opening & Reception is Sunday. April 29th from 2 to 4 pm.

Juror Statement:

"One of the many benefits of owning a gallery dedicated to local Ohio artists is witnessing firsthand the amazing artistry we have right here under our nose. I was delighted to see such an impressive collection of talent at the Mansfield Art Center, including many artists whose work I had never been exposed to before.

Judging a show includes some level of personal bias; that being said, I have a deep appreciation for all artists stemming from a deep respect for their talent and creativity. The quote “creativity is to see what everyone sees but think what no one else thinks” aptly applies to the artists whose work I had the honor of judging.

I did not take this responsibility lightly -- fully aware of the amount of physical and mental work involved in creating a single piece of art. I sought to strike a balance between different genres and mediums so that viewers would be treated to varying points of view and modes of expression. I gravitated toward pieces that demonstrated ‘out of the box’ thinking, especially admiring artists who it’s obvious weren’t afraid to take a chance.

Awards were given out not only by peer comparison, but from judging the work’s value on an individuality, creativity, use of materials and execution basis. Every artist should be proud to be a part of the May 2012 show whether they won an award or not because simply being accepted to hang on the walls of the Mansfield Art Center is a prize in and of itself."

The Mansfield Art Center is located at 700 Marion Ave. Mansfield, OH 44906. Hours of Operation: Tue - Sat 11am - 5pm, Sun 12-5pm Closed Mon. 419.756.1700